Inov8 RaceUltra 270 Shoes: 270 Grams of Rugged Comfort
270 grams light!Tough long lasting materialsRoomy toe box
They didn't live up to my odor prevention dreams
4.5Overall Score

After the initial excitement of getting a new pair of shoes, my first impression of the Inov 8 RaceUltra 270 was how stinking light they are!  The weight of my shoes hasn’t really affected my thinking until after doing my first thru-hike of the AT in 2014. Weighing in at 270 grams absolutely blew my mind. I was shocked when I first put them on for a run at how quick and light my feet felt in them. As far as endurance is concerned that’s another topic…

Above weight, however, what I look for is durability…these things are going to be used and abused like a hashtag at a cheer camp. Although I enjoy having nice gear, I also want to use it to its limits so as not to be afraid of using it properly. The 270s haven’t let down. The tread on the bottom really digs into the terrain, the uppers are bomb proof,  I keep expecting to see the shoes fall apart but to no avail, they are still going strong.

Speaking of quality, I love the uppers in these shoes. Tough material and obviously very light. I have drug these through all types of terrain from the trails and sagebrush on sections of the PCT Oregon, to the sharp rocks on the Sierra High Route in California, all the way down to the muddy trails in the Cloud forest in Costa Rica and the highest peak in Jamaica. These shoes have been through a lot.

I felt confident and stable trail running, but rock hopping and hitting the steeps seemed to worry me. The grab of the traction was fine, but my heel was slipping out of the heel box. A quick lace up to the very top of the holes fixed that problem.  The wider toe box gives me the extra freedom and keeps my feet cooler on the trail.   The shoes have plenty of protection from the rocks but still get me close enough to know and feel my terrain.

One of the things I was disappointed about was the insoles claimed to have some sort of odor eater technology. Well, my feet and shoes still stink. I know you can’t fix stupid…maybe it is the same with foot stench. Then again, I didn’t change my shoes for a few days at a time on the trail.

I give these shoes a thumbs up!

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