MyPakage: The Holy Grail of Mens Underwear

I love to work and play outdoors. So many times the gear I buy can dictate the level of fun-hogging I get to have that day, week, month, and what have you. Well, I have found the Holy Grail of Men’s Underwear. I am gently held and lifted up by My Pakage. For those who know me, I have come a long way from the “Ungerwhere” Challenge. My tune has changed, and I am singing a new song.


The Keyhole Comfort Technology doesn’t just lift and separate but offers an unfelt level of support. Also, by separating “the goods” from your legs it eliminates the need to “shift” or “adjust” throughout the day. This means no more sitting on anything unexpected when you’re getting into a vehicle! Hip Hip Hooray!

Another benefit of the Keyhole is Anti-Chaffing. After thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail last year, I know all the pains and perils of what a little chaffing can do. I have seen grown men cry and I’m pretty sure wars have started because of it. Well, not anymore; it’s magic. I spent a week on a beach in Costa Rica testing this out and usually, by the first time I get out of the water, it’s game over. I didn’t have one problem the entire time thanks to My Pakage.

Which brings me to the fabric. My Pakage uses 95% Modal, a semi-synthetic fiber made from beech trees and 5% Spandex. This means My Pakage is high-wicking and quick-drying with an added benefit of not wrinkling or shrinking like its supported counterpart (sorry dudes).


My Pakage may not be the best of its kind – don’t know haven’t tried them all – but it has definitely earned a permanent place in my gear closet.

You have got to testes a pair!

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  • Josh Brown
    October 18, 2015

    I wasn’t convinced until you mentioned the “no adjusting” bit. I miiight have to try these. Send me a few… Small.

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