Puralytics: Water Purification From The Sun! Is it Safe?

Even though I knew the science behind the process I still had thoughts of hesitation in the back of my mind. Did I leave it out long enough? What was the blue dye supposed to do again? What happens if it is cloudy?

The previous month I found myself on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. I had forgotten my SolarBag a few hours drive away from the place I was staying. We all tried to be careful but at one point in the evening someone started the Curl and Hurl. We were all sick, after 10 years of traveling internationally the Gringo Gallop and caught up to me and it was a miserable, unsightly event.

I made it through that time but one month later, in Jamaica, I didn’t want to have that experience again. I had the SolarBag with me and it had been sitting in the sun a few hours now as I was heading to bed, it was going to be nice and cool in the morning. The next morning I had my clean cool water to drink from right from the start. I didn’t have to walk the half a mile to the water source anymore. The entire month I was in Jamaica I didn’t have any problems with my stomach.

Here is the thing about Puralytics. It’s simple to use; open container put water in, close container, leave it in the sun, and go on your adventure. It does its thing when you are doing something else. For me this was also the drawback, I found it difficult to get enough clean water when I needed it. Mostly because of my lack of planning for that day. I could see this working if I were living in a place with dirty water but not on the move all the time. The other drawback was it punctured. I was too rough on it and ended up paying the price. Not enough to warrant throwing it out or away by any means (I can fix anything with duct tape!). It was also being drug over rocks at the local crag at Smith Rock State Park so…One thing I didn’t mention was the cap. I love that it’s a Nalgene sized lid that is used. These are easily accessible and if one breaks you can replace it quickly.

In short, I am bringing this with me if I am leading a team out in the back country and we have a basecamp. No question. If I am on the move in the mountains it is a drawback for me.

I wish I would have had this when I traveled to a tribe in Brazil. Bringing education and experience into a community with a low infant mortality rate can change a lot of things!

Things I love about the Solar Bag
1. Simple Water Purification
2. Strategic Implements
3. Easy to use
4. Lightweight
5. Compact

Things I didn’t like
1. Waiting
2. Planning Ahead
3. Punctured

Puralytics: Water from the sun! Is it safe?
A team member doing the hurl and curl.

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