Last Minute Shopping Guide for Travelers

Many of these last minute gift ideas can be delivered digitally with no shipping needed.

With the holidays fast approaching, these unique gift ideas for travelers will show your thoughtfulness and help out the traveler in your life.

Priority Pass Airport Lounge access

If your traveler is on the go often enough, access to airport lounges is almost a necessity. While some credit cards offer a low-tier lounge access option, an actual Priority Pass is a god-send and luxury for the frequent traveler.

Kindle Paperwhite eReader

Whether in the air, on a train, or waiting on a friend at a cafe, an ebook reader is a wonderful travel companion. My favorite is the Kindle Paperwhite. With access to the full Amazon book library, a “paper like” screen, and a long lasting battery, the kindle paperwhite is the last book you’ll need to buy.

Noise Cancelling wireless headphones

The airplane, the bus, the cars on the street, it’s all noisy. And when you need to relax, a pair of noise cancelling headphones can do wonders to remove the stress of the environment. I’ve selected two options here for you in two different price brackets so you can find your perfect pair. Bohm Bose

Packing Cubes for luggage

Whether on a short trip in a backpack, or packing for a month abroad, packing cubes are a great way of organizing your luggage. Put shirts in one packing cube, pants, in another, and socks and underwear in yet another. Accessing your clothes becomes super convenient with packing cubes.

Down Jacket (packable)

If you are traveling to cold weather, a jacket is a must. Perfect for layering and packing, a down jacket is the answer. The jackets I’ve selected can be smushed down into a small size for putting inside your luggage. Plus they can easily be layered with a rain jacket or more styling out coat to keep you nice and toasty in the winter weather.

mens: womens:

Gigsky Travel Data SIM

When traveling abroad, sometimes your cell phone carrier doesn’t offer the right coverage for where you are doing to. Or the prices are just not worth it. But with the GigSky data SIM, you can order data while on the go. Before your next trip, get a GigSky travel data SIM card and top it up with credit.

Shampoo Bar

Whether at hotels, AirBnbs or camping, it’s nice to pamper yourself and keep clean. A shampoo bar is a much more convenient than trying to carry liquids on the plane. Plus you don’t have to worry about a mess spilling all over your luggage.

Travel Wallet / pen / notepad combo

I take notes almost every day. And I like to keep my pockets slim at all times. With enough room for my essentials (cards and some cash) plus a notepad and pen combo, this wallet is one of my favorite purchases ever.

AirBnb gift card

AirBnb is one of our favorite places to find accommodation while traveling. Whether it’s abroad or on a stay-cation, you can always find something you need on AirBnB.

BUT more than accommodation, AirBnb offers local experiences while abroad. With a gift of AirBnb credit your traveler can choose exactly what they want to do.

Triple Locals experiences

Similar to AirBnb experiences, Triple is the new kid on the block for unique locals experiences while abroad. With Triple, locals will list an experience they can offer that is unique to the area, and you can join them. In Paris, we used triple to learn how to macarons and cheese in two different experiences. Highly recommended.

Amazon Gift Card

It’s not a cop-out! Sometimes the most thoughtful gift is to let someone choose exactly what they want. Even if it’s not enough to buy the exact item someone has in mind, an Amazon credit can be applied to a larger purchase so someone can get the item for themselves that they truly want.

iTunes Gift card

Whether it’s to buy an album, a movie, or an app, an iTunes gift card can easily be used to help entertain your traveler on the road.

Audible audio book membership

Similar to an iTunes gift card, the gift of an Audible membership is wonderful for a traveler. With thousands of books and genres to choose from, listening to an Audio book on a travel day can be a lifesaver for boredom (or even to help you sleep, we won’t judge).

VPN internet security

Nerd alert!!! Ok, no, but yes. With ‘net neutrality’ being a hot topic right now a VPN is a fantastic gift. Unfettered access to your favorite web-sites and tv shows while abroad can easily be location restricted by local governments.

A VPN makes it look like you are still browsing the internet from home and your internet will work just like like you are sitting in your living room while in reality you might be in a Paris cafe! Plus it has the added bonus of adding an extra layer of protection your your internet usage making you more secure on line.