3 Foods You Have To Try In Budapest

Before arriving to Budapest I took some time to research the food and boy was I surprised by all the delicious looking options. It was very difficult to pick only four but we were very happy with our choices and think that you’ll enjoy them as well.

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#1. Halászle (Fishermans Soup)

I didn’t want to go for the typical goulash meal so with a bit more digging I found a dish thats possibly even more traditional. This hearty fish soup was originally prepared by fishermen along the banks of the Danube and Tisza Rivers, but has since become one of the most popular Christmas Eve dishes in Hungary.

A number of versions exist, some are served over pasta, others include cream, but all are made using freshwater fish such as carp, perch or pike. Josh and I decided to go a bit out of the city center to enjoy this iconic soup hoping to get the local experience and I was very happy with the outcome.

For a great variety of Halászle go to ÚJ Sipos Halászkert

#2. Hortobágyi Palacsinta (Savory Hungarian Pancake)

Josh loves pancakes savory or sweet so I knew this dish would be a home run. Hotobágyi can be made with chicken or veal. I was dead set on getting the veal version.

Traditionally the veal is cooked in a type of stew with mushrooms and onions. Its then stuffed into a “pancake” or what we would call a crape. Then its oven backed with a paprika and sour cream sauce. It was creamy and delicious.

This is where we found the best Hortobágyi in Budapest visit Terv

#3. Dobos Torte

The legend of dobos torte started in 1885, when the Hungarian confectioner József C. Dobos introduced his pioneering cake at the National General Exhibition of Budapest. Dobos torte is among the most prominent Hungarian dishes, made from sponge cake layered with chocolate buttercream and topped with caramel. Even though this tasty treat can be found all throughout Hungary Josh and I wanted to try it in a tradition bakery. Although Ruszwurm Confectionary is in a very touristic location they have kept to the same recipes for over 100 years.

#4 (bonus) Krémes

Lastly while visiting Ruszwurm Confectionary we couldn’t leave with out trying their Hungarian vanilla custard, layered between crisp, flaky slices of pastry, make up this delicious sweet treat, which is a favorite dessert across the country. This yummy, creamy, pillowy dessert is the star as the recipe has not changed in over 170 years.

Let us know below what dish you’d like to try when visiting Hungary. We’d love to know.

I hope we encouraged you to get out and travel today.